Shooting RAW Images (PowerShot G3 X)

Last Updated : 30-Apr-2015
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This camera can record images in JPEG and RAW formats.
JPEG imagesProcessed in the camera for optimal image quality and compressed to reduce file size. However, the compression process is irreversible, and images cannot be restored to their original, unprocessed state. Image processing may also cause some loss of image quality.
RAW Images"Raw" (unprocessed) data, recorded with essentially no loss of image quality from the camera’s image processing. The data cannot be used in this state for viewing on a computer or printing. You must first use the software (Digital Photo Professional, to convert images to ordinary JPEG or TIFF files. Images can be adjusted with minimal loss of image quality.

  • To set [RAW] or [RAW+JPEG], the cameras shooting mode must be set to one of the modes shown below:
- [Custom] ()*, ()*, [Manual] ()*, [Aperture-priority AE] (), [Shutter-priority AE] (), [Program AE] ()
*Options vary depending on the assigned shooting mode.

1. Press the power button to turn the camera on.

2. Press the [ ] button and then press the [ ], [ ] buttons to choose [Image quality] in the menu.
*If the default settings have not been changed will be displayed.

3. To save images in RAW only, press the [ ], [ ] buttons or turn the [ ] dial or the [ ] dial to choose [ ].
To save JPEG and RAW files together, select JPEG and then press the [DISP.] button to append [RAW] with a [ ]. To revert the setting, use the same procedure to remove the [ ] from [RAW].


Using the Menu
1. Press the [MENU ] button, choose [Image quality] on the [ 1] tab, and then press the [ ] button.

2. Turn the [ ] dial to choose [ ] in [RAW]. This will save a RAW file alongside the JPEG file. Select [–], and the camera will only save the JPEG file.

3. Press the [ ], [ ] buttons to change the [JPEG], selecting your preferred save resolution and compression ratio. Select [–], and the camera will only save the RAW file.

4. When finished, press the [ ] button to return to the menu screen.
You cannot set both the [RAW] and [JPEG] image setting to [–] at the same time.

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